Public health researchers and practitioners have long known that racism is a public health crisis. In 2020, Berkeley Public Health launched the Anti-Racist Community for Justice and Social Transformative Change (ARC 4 JSTC) initiative to recognize our moral, ethical, and professional obligation to address racism based on what we see in the public health data.

These webpages bring together the health data about racism so our actions can reflect what the research is telling us.

Students, staff, and faculty have generously contributed to developing these pages with their time and expertise.

Eli Michaels and Sai Ramya Maddali had lead roles shepherding the process, contributing original content, fact-checking, copyediting, and were all around website doulas. Amani Allen, Stephen Shortell, and Darlene Francis supported the initial work which has been coordinated by Lori Dorfman.

Primary content producers were Eli Michaels, Xing Gao, Rachel Berkowitz (Neighborhoods), Alien Hiro and Juan Carlos Bordes (Healthcare), Michael Bakal (Education), Kevin Lee (Work), Dalila Alvarado (Food), and Michaela Taylor (Policing). Primary reviewers were Sai Ramya Maddali, Diane Bush, Nina Ichikawa, Catherine Duarte, Osagie Obasogie, and Lori Dorfman. Public Health Librarian Michael Sholinbeck and his team provided links for easy access to citations online.

From BPH’s communications team, Matt MacNeil, web and digital media manager, formated the backend.

Dean Michael Lu, Ché Abram, and ARC 4 JSTC reviewed early concepts for the website and supported the process as part of BPH’s work to become an anti-racist organization.